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Regulations for Labor Disputes

Foreigners who, while working in Taiwan, find themselves in a dispute related to aspects concerning their contracts or working rights can apply for mediation or help from Foreign Worker Counseling Center in each municipal government or independent organizations.

  1. Foreign Worker Counseling Center
    • Purpose
      The Council of Labor Affairs (CLA) of the Executive Yuan currently runs 24 Foreign Worker Counseling Centers around the country for the purpose of offering services to foreign workers in Taiwan such as work consultation, legal consultation and appellation assistance in solving labor disputes. The centers have bilingual speakers of English, Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese, etc. who offer consultation assistance and other services.
    • Services Provided
      • Offers foreign workers information about living in Taiwan, legal consultation services and essential assistance regarding the foreign workerˇ¦s religious persuasion.
      • Accepts foreign workersˇ¦ appeals cases and complaints and assists in managing labor disputes.
      • Visits employers of foreign workers and offers consultations and legal guidance to factories.
      • Handles leisure activities and other services related to foreign worker management consultations.
    • How to Contact
      Foreign workers who have appeals or inquiry needs can go to their nearest Foreign Worker Counseling Center or contact a bilingual consultant by phone or written correspondence.
    • List of Local Foreign Worker Counseling Centers (Please consult service location information - List of Local Foreign Worker Counseling Centers)
  2. Local Labor Authorities
    • Services Provided
      • Solve labor disputes
        Directs local Foreign Worker Counseling Centers to assist in solving disputes between foreign workers and employers concerning matters such as refunds of salary deductions, service fees, savings and taxes, etc.
      • Placement of foreign labor
        In instances in which employers can not continue to take care of their foreign employees such as from the closing of a factory or going out of business, the sheltering institutions may arrange accommodations for them on behalf of local labor authorities. The sheltering institutions are required to fax the ˇ§Foreign Worker Sheltering Formˇ¨ to local labor authorities within one working day.
    • Way to Contact
      Foreign workers who are in a dispute with their employers concerning work or sexual harassment, may go to the local labor authorities to seek assistance.
    • List of Local Labor Authorities (Please consult service location information ˇV List of Local Foreign Worker Counseling Centers)
  3. Foreign Representative offices of labor exporting countries in the ROC
    • Way to Contact
      In the event foreign workers have some urgent matter or are affected by a labor dispute or an incidence of sexual harassment, they may also consult with their foreign representative office in Taiwan for assistance. After they present their case, the matter can be transferred to the CLA for processing.
    • List of representative offices of Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Mongolia in the ROC (Please consult service location information - Foreign Representative Offices of Labor Exporting Countries in the ROC)
  4. Toll-free Line for Filing Complaints
    • Purpose
      In order to provide a channel for foreign workers to file complaints about assignment of illegal work, violations of the Labor Standard Law, forced deduction of savings, excessive charges of placement fees, sexual harassment, etc., CLA has established toll-free lines for the filing of complaints with the Bureau of Employment and Vocational Training. Currently, services are provided by bilingual staff members who speak English, Thai, Indonesian and Vietnamese. During the off-duty period, answering machines are switched on for foreign workers to leave messages. The staff will immediately take care of the complaints during on-duty time.
    • Inquiry Hotlines
      English 0800-885885
      Thai 0800-885995
      Indonesian 0800-885958
      Vietnamese 0800-017858
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