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What Foreign Professionals Need to Know for Working in Taiwan
  • On behalf of the government of Taiwan, we sincerely welcome you to work in Taiwan. In order to help you understand rules and regulations concerning working in Taiwan, please read the primer carefully and keep it with you for future reference.

    What You Need to Do upon Issuance of Work Permit

    1. VISA
      If you were approved to issue a work permit by the Council of Labor Affairs (CLA), you need to apply for a visa through Taiwan¡¦s representative office stationed in your country; or if you are already in Taiwan, you need to apply for a status change of visa through Bureau of Consular Affairs. Working hours of BOCA: Monday through Friday, 8 : 30 am to 5 : 00 pm (open for noon, closed on Saturday, Sunday and national holidays). Please check related information at the website http://www.boca.gov.tw/mp?mp=2.
      Contact Information of BOCA, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
      Website address : http://www.boca.gov.tw/mp?mp=2
      Address : 3F., No.2-2, Sec. 1, Jinan Rd., Jhongjheng District, Taipei City 100, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
      Phone No. : (02) 2343-2888
      Taichung Office Phone No. : (04) 2251-0799
      Kaohsiung Office Phone No. : (07) 211-0605
      Hualien Office Phone No. : (03) 833-1041
    2. Alien Residence Certificate (ARC)
      You need to apply for an alien residence certificate within 15 days upon arrival. Please bring necessary documents to apply to the foreign affairs division of your local police authority. (Foreign Affairs Division of Taipei City Police Department, 02-23817494)
    3. Taxable Income, Tax Deduction and Tax Refund
      If you worked in Taiwan for less than 183 days in one fiscal year (January 1 to December 31) then you shall be paying the tax of a non-resident, which is equivalent to 20% of the taxable income. If you worked in Taiwan for more than 183 days (or if you entered Taiwan before July 1 and did not leave the country anytime within the year), or if you have stayed in Taiwan for 183 days in the preceding year and are continuing your residence, then you shall be considered as a ¡§resident¡¨ and shall be taxed 6% to 10% of your taxable income.
      Your income from working in Taiwan is required to file income tax by laws. For income tax filing and tax related questions, please contact district offices of National Tax Administration. Toll free hotline: 0800-000-321.

    Your Rights while Working in Taiwan

    1. Health insurance
      All foreigners who carry alien residence certificate are required to carry health insurance. As to health insurance questions, please check related information at the website http://www.nhitb.gov.tw¡FTEL : 02-2191-2006.
    2. Labor insurance
      If you are employed at business unit with more than five workers, you are insured under employer, or group hired, or organization affiliated; for information, please check with the website at http://www.bli.gov.tw¡FTEL : 02-2396-1266.
    3. Labor rights
      While you work in Taiwan, if you have interrogations or disputes about labor contract or labor rights, you can file for counseling, mediation or arbitration from local labor authority in every city or county government. As to laws and regulations about labor disputes, please check related information at the website www.cla.gov.tw¡FTEL : 0800-380-038.
    4. Consumer rights
      Consumers (include foreigners) interrogations or disputes with business organizations for products and services can ask for counseling or file their complaints to business organizations, consumer protection group, or consumer service center; or call for service at 1950 (national hotline). For details, please check the website at http://god-club.surfl.com/help.htm.

    Laws and Regulations and Penal Provisions Concerning Employment

    1. While working in Taiwan, if you are engaging in any of the following behaviors, your permit will be terminated, and you will be ordered to leave the country within due days.
      • Work for any one other than employer who applied for your work permit;
      • Any work other than assigned by your employer;
      • Absent from work for three consecutive days without reasonable causes;
      • Refuse undergoing physical examination, and/or provide false information about physical examination, or fail to pass physical examination
      • Violate, in serious behavior, any rules and regulations prescribed under Employment Service Act;
      • Violate, in serious behavior, any other laws and regulations under Taiwan legal system.
    2. Other related rules and regulations
      • Should employment contract expires or terminates, you need to leave the country immediately;
      • Foreigners employed at cram schools are required to undergo physical examination. Those who are employed otherwise are required as Department of Health determined.
      • Work without permission will be punished carrying dollar amounts of fine of at least NT 30,000 dollars, and up to NT 150,000 dollars; and you will be ordered to leave the country within due days, and will not be allowed re-entry.

    Other living information

    1. Should you have any other questions about living in Taiwan, please check with the website Information for Foreigners at http://iff.immigration.gov.tw/, or call 0800-024-111
    2. For travel information in Taiwan, please call Tourism Bureau at (02) 2727-3737, or 0800-011765, the website address:

    Other employment information

    You can call Bureau of Employment And Vocational Training (address: No. 83, Sec 2, Yanping N. Rd., Datong District, Taipei City 103, Taiwan (R.O.C.) at (02) 8590-2567 for further information. Website address: http://www.evta.gov.tw/english/evta-en-index.files/evta-en-index.htm

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