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  Basic Requirement for Internet Connection   Tom
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  1. A compatible computer: 
    • 166MHz (or faster) Pentium® (or equivalent) based processor
    • Windows 95 or 98, NT Workstation, Windows® 2000, ME or XP
    • 64MB of RAM
    • 20MB of free disk space
    • 10 BASE-T Network Interface Card (Ethernet NIC) (You will need to ensure that your computer is equipped with an Ethernet card prior to connecting your computer.)
    • CD-ROM drive
  2. Standard phone line:
    • You can use existing phone line or request for a new one.
  3. ADSL modem (it means ATU-R) and splitter:
    • Your local Chung Hwa Telecom will bring them to you and set it up.
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