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  Bitou Cape   Tom
  Location : Keelung City 2007-11-02 11:17:19

Beautiful cliffs but not great for swimming

Bitou Cape is one of the "Three Capes of Northern Taiwan". The other two are Fuguei Cape, the island's northernmost point, and Sandiau Cape, its easternmost point.

Bitou Cape occupies an area of about four to five square kilometers. Most of the sea-eroded landform types along the entire Northeast Coast can be found here, including sea cliffs, undercut bluffs, and platforms. The sea-eroded platforms are thick with mushroom-shaped rocks, honeycomb rocks, tofu (bean curd) rocks, and marine fossils. All of these make Bitou Cape an outstanding natural geological classroom.

A paved footpath leads off near the Bitou Elementary School and onto the cape, giving access to splendid vistas of sea and sky. The path terminates at the tip of the cape, where the Bitou Cape Lighthouse stands. The 120 meter tall lighthouse was first constructed in 1896 and was rebuilt in its present form after being destroyed by Allied bombing during the Second World War. From the lighthouse, visitors can see the waves of the East China Sea lapping against those of the Pacific Ocean.

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