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  Baishawan Beach   Tom
  Location : Taipei 2007-11-02 11:08:37

North of Damshui. Sandy beach. Ok for swimming.

Baisha Bay Beach Resort is located between Lianshanbi and Cape Fukui, about 23 km on the No 2 Provincial Highway, at the coast of Temou Village in Shihmen Town. The one km stretch of sandy beaches is known for the clean water and vast variety of sea sports and activities such as swimming, fishing and etc.
Towards the west flank of the beach, is the gravel beach front named Lianshanbi. The grayish rocks are residuals from Mt Taton¡¦s volcanic eruption some 800 thousands years ago. The magma contains several minerals resulting in several black glittering spots on the surface.

The North Coast Tourist Information Center provides comprehensive information on the nearby Baisha Beach Resort and the Lianshanbi hiking traits. Also, it has audio video function hall which can takes up to 100 visitors. The lobby also displays scenic photographs of the area. Its logistic affords scenic view of the sea and the surrounding greenery.

Baisha Bay Beach Resort : (02) 26361188

Opening time : Summer (June to August depending on the weather)

North Coast Tourist Information Center : (02) 26364503, 26361580

By car :
South bound ¡V From Keelung, go on No 2 Provincial Route to Baisha Bay Recreation Center.
North bound ¡V From Chungchin North Road Interchange, go on No 2B Provincial Route and then No 2 Provincial Route to Baisha Bay Recreation Center.

By bus :
Take any of the Tanshui Route bus to Tanshui. Then, change to Tanshui Express Bus or Taichi Express Bus bound for Jinshan, Shihmen and alight at Baisha Bay.

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