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  Jiufen   Tom
  Location : Taipei 2007-11-02 10:46:14

small sandy beach, lot of places for cliff jumping

By Bus:
1. From the No.1 exit at the Taipei MRT Zhongxiao-Fuxing Station, take a Keelung bus to Jioufen or Jinguashin.
2. From Keelung, take a Keelung bus on the? Jinguashin line and get off at Jioufen.
3. Take a train on the Suao or Hualien line and get off at Rueifang; then switch to a Keelung bus on the Jinguashin line and get off at Jioufen.
Keelung Bus: (02)2433-6111
Keelung Bus, Rueifang Station: (02)2497-2055
By Car:
1. Keelung ->Provincial Highway 2 (coastal Highway)- >Rueibin ->Turn right onto the industry road beside the Rueibin filling station and proceed up the mountain ->Cingyundian ->Jioufen.
2. Freeway 1 ->Exit at Badu ->Nuannuan interchange ->Rueifang Highway 8 ->Turn right at Rueifang Bridge ->Jioufen.
3. Mujha, Shenkeng, Shihding ->County Highway 106 ->Rueifang ->Jioufen.
4. Provincial Highway (coastal Highway) ->Turn right at Fulong ->County Highway 102 ->Gongliao, Shuangsi ->Jioufen.

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