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  1 minute to Shandao Temple Station MRT, High class, High security elevator building.   胡采琳
  Location : Taipei 2015-04-07 21:02:45
Rent: 20,000 NTD / month Deposit : 2 month. At least 1 year rental. 提供家俱:床、衣櫃、桌子、沙發、床頭櫃、鞋櫃 Provide furniture: bed, closet, table, sofa, shoes cabinet 提供設備:洗衣機、冰箱、37”液晶電視、冷氣 、電磁爐、抽油煙機 Provide devices: laundry machine, refrigerator, TV, conditioner, and kitchen 生活機能: Convenient lifestyle: 很便利:樓下就有萊爾富,兩間7-11 super convenient: with 7-11 and a hi- life near by. 生活機能強:華山市場(一早起床就可以吃到阜杭豆漿!) 全聯福利中心、摩斯、麥當勞、50嵐、鬍鬚張、披薩店都在居家週遭 Supermarket, Traditional market, Mos burger, McDonald’s, Pizza 跟朋友約見面:1分鐘,你家樓下就是星巴克!而且就在善導寺捷運站出口,約見面最方便! If you want to make friends: one minute to Starbucks, and one minute to Shandao Temple Station MRT station. 文藝性:走路5分鐘就到華山文創園區 週末休閒的好去處∼園區內有各式藝文活動,晚上還有酒吧可以跟朋友小聚. Literature and art: walking five minutes to Huashan 1914 Creative Park with all kind of art activity, and also bars at night. 想運動:走路3分鐘,後面就是連接華山文創園區的公園.每天下班運動半小時的最佳去處! For exercise: only three minutes a park just behind your apartment. You can exercise every day!! 交通極便利: 走路1分鐘到捷運善導寺站6號出口. Only one minute to MRT station 2分鐘到善導寺公車站. Only two minute to bus station 走路10分鐘到捷運忠孝新生站1號出口,散步過去再轉乘很方便! Walking 10 minute to Zhongxiao Xinsheng MRT station 走路15分鐘到台北車站. Walking 15 minutes to Taipei main station 特色說明 : 安全性:電梯每層樓都有磁卡控管,安全上多層保護! Security: Every floor is managed by a magnetic card. 收送貨:大樓有管理員信件不遺漏!網路購物或退貨都有人可以幫忙代收或是代簽. Collect your purchase online: The guards of the building will collect your purchase for you. 娛樂性:B1設有卡拉OK、跑步機,不想去公園也沒關係樓下就是健身房. for fun: KaraOK, and jogging machine. B2有機車和汽車停車場,愛車不會風吹雨打 Parking lots. B2還有垃圾代收,不用在巷口等垃圾車. Trash collecting point.
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