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  Spacious House in Banqiao (10min on foot to Fuzhong Station)   YC
  Location : Taipei City 2014-07-24 00:50:33
Hi the homeless, There are three people already living in the apartment. We rent two floor(5F,6F). We are looking for another two roommates. The rest of rooms are really awesome. Especially Japanese style room in 6F. There are two windows in that room. Really awesome flow system. You can feel the wind just around you. Wait!Wait! That's not all. Can you imagine there is a really fucking big balcony just right next to your room? Good view of whole Banqiao. You can see the amazing firework in New Year Eve. Wow! Unbelievable right? Another room is good too. There is still one window in the room. The Kitchen is just right next to. You can use anything in Kitchen like plate, knife, cup, heater, fork, stove....etc. There are three Refrigerators. The biggest one we put in the kitchen. One we put in living room of 5F and another we put in living of 6F. No matter where you are in 5F or 6F. You can enjoy luxury. We are really thinking about you. In summer especially at home people always want to pick beer at anywhere anywhere. What are you waiting for? Come to join our big homeless family. You are the one. If you want any pictures about the rooms and the view I described, welcome to contact with me. Here is the website about the room Address : 5F 6F., No.54, Ln. 19, Guanghua St., Banqiao Dist., New Taipei City 22056, Taiwan (R.O.C.)(10 mins on foot to Fuzhong MRT ) Rent : 9000(Japanese style room), 8000(room to share)The rent is including the water, Gas, Cable and WiFi without electricity. ATTN: YC MAIL: MOB: +886910963990
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