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  Recommend "Time to Travel Hostel" (Banqiao/Zhonghe)   Carrie Chen
  Location : Taipei 2013-08-26 21:37:17
The hostel is mainly for travelers, it's also a good option for people who are new to the city as well. Time to Travel Hostel is located near the second biggest transportation hub called Banciao in New Taipei City. You can relax in our cozy and clean dorms; cook your best dishes in our kitchenette and share your culture; build up connection between travelers in spacious public space. We believe traveling is about dialogue or interaction happens between person to person and person to place. The end of a traveler's story might be beginning of another journey. Because of this original intention, we are striving to make ˇiTime to Travel Hostelˇj a place for travelers to relax, a room to share story, and a platform to connect travelers and travelers with Taiwan. Welcome everyone to come to ˇiTime to Travel Hostelˇj, connect to each other and share your own travel story. Facilities: TV, XBOX, Kitchen, A/C, Shared bathrooms & toilets, Sofa, laptop, meeting table, personal locker, washer, hair dryer, bikes to borrow. All rooms are shared. 6-8 wooden bunk beds per room. The rate is $450 TWD/person (= $15 USD) Easily access to buses & free shuttles. Check the environment: Communicate on facebook: Share | Hospitality | Home
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