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  Transportation of Hsinchu   Rachel
  Location : Hsinchu 2008-09-18 11:38:22
City Bus
Hsinchu Bus Co. Ltd. Provide information on bus routes, timetables, ticket price, etc.
Tel : 03-522-5151 ext 8
Taiwan Railway Administration provides information on rail routes, timetable, ticket price, on-line booking, etc..
?P HsinChu Station, Kuo Kuang Motor Transport Co. Ltd.?@ Tel : (03)524-9470
?P Howtai Transportation?@ Tel : (02)2556-9397
?P Freego Bus Corp. 
  | HsinChu JhonGhua Station?@ Tel : (03)526-5853
  | TsingHua University Station?@ Tel : (03)573-9068
  | ChiaoTung University Station?@ Tel : (03)516-5417?@
?P HsinChu Station, Yalien Motor Transport Cp. Ltd.?@ Tel : (03)540-0708
?P HsinChu Station, Miaoli Bus Co. Ltd. Tel : (03)522-4946
?P Aloha Transportation?@ Free Tel : 0800-043-168
?P Ho Hsin Bus Co.?@ Free Tel : 0800-002-377
?P United Highway Bus Co. Ltd.?@ Free Tel : 0800-241-560
Initial Every extra Waiting Fare
Every extra
Waiting Fare
1250 m
250 m
3 mins
90 NTD
No extra charge for radio booking and using the trunk
Fare to be bargained during Lunar New Year but not allowed to exceed 50% of the meter price
Remark: Timing Fare is charged, when the speed is lower than 5kmph, at 5 NTD for every three minutes
1.There is no surcharge for telephoning for a cab and for using the trunk.
2.The fare may be negotiated between passenger and driver at the start of the trip during the lunar New Year holidays. But it may not exceed 130% of the meter price.
3.The waitting surcharge, NT$5 for every three minutes, is for when the speed is lower than 5km/hr.
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