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  Book Store - Eslite   Tom
  Location : All 2007-11-16 16:16:20
The crowded streets of Asia are one place for a foreigner to get lost: unable to understand the endless signs and the meaningless flashing, mad from the noise that drives on from turn to turn. The alleys seem to multiply.

Drowning clueless amidst the vendors orbiting this flickering galaxy is not something we recommend. Stopping, asking for directions and finding your way to Eslite bookstore is however something we do. And we are not the only ones. Voted by TIME Asia Magazine as the best bookstore in the East, continuously wandering the isles of Eslite is quite a different way of getting lost.

Open 24 hours a day it's a great place for night owls and daydreamers alike. The quiet interior and soft background music makes it an ideal escape from the everyday constrictions of gravity. Each Eslite branch specializes in its own category featuring departments such as science, business and the environment. The mother ship in Dun Hua Taipei specializes in design. This might be the reason Taipei 's hip and happening think a cultural hotspot as well as an enlightening alternative to late night clubbing and bars.

Regardless of whether you go to see or be seen, speak English or Chinese, actually buy or just browse your time away until sunrise, with Eslite's excellent selections of imported magazines, photography exhibitions and workshops, you're sure to agree that Eslite is as essential as a solar system to the world of books in Taipei .

To become an Eslite member you need to collect forty stamps. You receive one stamp every time your spend 500NT. Being a member entitles you to a 10% discount.

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