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Taking the train in Taiwan is cheap, convenient and fun. It's easy to make a weekend of exploring small towns with the train. Visiting places like the pottery city Yinge, or gearing up for swimming in Fulong is made easy with the train. The slow trains provide for a more traditional experience as you'll see old and young village dwellers on your ride with the windows all open. The scenery passes by in frames of grey buildings and laundry hanging in the windows, then patches of rice patties and old people in straw hats and finally green mountains, mist and small streams.
The fast trains can take you rapidly to Taipei and back though. On weekends and holidays it can be hard to find a seat. And for all of us who wish that the beaches and holiday town of Kenting were closer to the North, the soon to come new high speed train seems to be the answer to our prayers. Remember not to fall asleep or you might miss your stop as they don't announce arrivals in English. But the staff is usually more than friendly and willing to help lost and confused foreigners.
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