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  Global Village   Tom
  Location : Taichung City 2007-11-09 15:37:32

2 Chung Shan Rd., 10th floor
Tel: (04) 2220-0808
Open Hours: 9:30am-9:30pm

When one first hears "Global Village," one might think of the language school by that name. That is partially correct?Xfor Global Village now has a fitness center. Global Village wants to promote the best possible learning environment for its students. But, their hope is that students will not only study, but will also exercise to maintain physical health. With this ideal, they started this aerobics classroom. In this classroom, there is a large picture window that allows members to enjoy the view of the bustling Taichung Train Station as they exercise. There are also spotless shower and locker rooms. The cost is NT$6,600 for six months, and NT$8,600 for a year. Members of the Global Village Language School receive a 50% discount.

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