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"Value for Money" Selection

Best Price

  • AiMai conducts daily price survey in order to continuously provide customers with the most competitive price.
  • AiMai takes advantage of resources from her parent company, Far Eastern Group, and integrates bargaining power to gain the best price for customers.

High Quality Guaranteed

  • AiMai examines closely goods quality by sifting excellent suppliers, verifying merchandise quality (for example: fresh meats CAS certification system), spot-checking by profession (SGS verification), and tight-control by Operation Department.E Therefore, AiMai can supply guaranteed goods quality for customers who can enjoy comfortable purchase and use safely.

Most Sufficient Merchandise Items

  • AiMai provides consumers with across-the-board categories from foods, clothing, house ware, appliance to entertainment. Total categories at each store are above 25,000 items. In particular, grocery items are more than competitors by 30%. AiMai can definitely satisfy customers needs with "One-Stop Shopping".

Comfortable and Convenient Environment

  • AiMai carefully builds up store floors in details, including display, visual design, lay-out planning, and related facilities. We insist to provide customers" One Stop Shopping" and comfortable & convenient shopping environment.
  • To increase customers shopping fun, AiMai combines with diverse shopping streets, food court, even specialty store, and category killer, including B&Q, Starbuck, Skylark international chain restaurants. This shows complex hyper store, and fully satisfy customers various needs. Therefore, customers can enjoy shopping interests.

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