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  Keelung MiaoKou   Tom
  Location : Keelung City 2007-11-09 09:22:48
  • Keelung Miaokou night market  has been founded for more than 40 years. It surrounds Denji Temple on Jen Er Road in Keelung.
  • Located on Jen San Road between Ai Er Road and Ai San Road.
  • There are many kinds of eatery here and more than 200 food stands gather in the area of 400 meters.
  • Good materials are used for the dishes and prices are modest. The market attracts huge crowd each day.
  • The famous dishes include soup mix, fried fish pastry, meat soup, fried oysters and meat on rice, etc.
  • Seafood, fried chicken, cold desserts, and more.
  • Visiting the night market,  you could taste all of the famous dishes in Taiwan.
  • The food market in Keelung is open until late at night, about 2:00 am or 3:00am.
  • You can see many food stands spreading smell of tasty foods at this hour.
  • Nearby there are also stands for clothes and daily items.
  • One can go for some shopping after a good meal.
  • Keelung City government website:

Getting to Keelung

Exit Nationa l Highway No. 1 at Keelung, go straight on Jhongsih Road, get to Renwu Road, turn left at Ai 3rd Road. When you see Ren 3rd Road, you will see the night market. You can also take the train or bus to Keelung station. Go to Jhong 1st Road to Ai 3rd Road and turn right to the night market.


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