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  Wuling Guest House   Tom
  Location : Taichung 2007-11-07 13:42:18


3-1 Wuling Rd Pingdeng Tsun Hoping Taichung
Tel : 04-25901259 - 2001~2003; 0800-000-350
Fax: 04-25901355


A Package Tour
Wuling Farm arranges a package non-holiday for tourists. Though lively introduction by the explanatory person and tour bus service, each tourist can enjoy a trip to Mountain Botanical Garden, go for a stroll in mountain bosom, listen for insects sinning the delightful notes, and appreciate a group of butterflies fluttering the posture, and tour Wuling Farm ecology resources and the mountain natural landscape thoroughly. In the area there are Ecological Basin, Aquatic Plant Pond, Chinese Herbal Medicine Garden, Grass Garden, and Landscape Platform, and Wuling Farm planted hundred kinds of alpine plants. The lodging area is located in having the quality of simple and unsophisticated Number One Three-Section Compound, or tranquil and deliberate Number Two Small Cottage
Double Suite and Japanese Style Suite. No matter traveling alone or traveling with friends, all is the best choices for you to closing to nature.

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