Beautiful Taiwan for Expats

Aliens who have any inquiry when filing an individual income tax return that is not fully answered in these instructions are welcome to call or come in person to the Foreign Taxpayers Section of this Administration for further information

  1. Taipei National Tax Administration , M.O.F.Address: 2, Sec.1, Jhonghua Road, Taipei 108, R.O.C.TEL: (02)23113711 Ext.1116-1118
  2. National Tax Administration of Northern Taiwan Province, M.O.F.TEL: (03)3396789 Ext.1430
  3. National Tax Administration of Central Taiwan Province, M.O.F.TEL: (04)23051111 Ext.1360
  4. National Tax Administration of Southern Taiwan Province, M.O.F.TEL: (06)2223111 Ext.1203
  5. Kaohsiung National Tax Administration , M.O.F.Address: 148,Guangjhou 1st St., Lingya District, Kaohsiung 802, R.O.C.TEL: (07)7256600 Ext.8102,8210

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