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  Teaching, Traveling, and vacationing in Taiwan   Mickey
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Tired of working?  Semi-retired?  Want to travel but lack of money?  Here is a solution for you.  Teaching in Taiwan will not only let you learn a new culture but also able to make money and save money.  With its low cost of living and friendly environment, you will not regret coming and working in Taiwan.

        Taiwan has two types of schools, cram schools and regular schools.  With cram schools, all you need is a bachelor degree or higher.  For regular schools, you must be a certified teacher from your home country.  The salary for cram schools is about NT$55,000~NT$60,000 per month and regular schools is about NT$60,000~NT$70,000 per month.  Both type of schools offer partial medical care according to the National Medicare Regulation. 

        If you are looking for something different and want to experience new things, this is a chance that you can miss out on.  What¡¦s the hold up?  Email or call now!


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