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  Living, Teaching, and Scuba Diving in Taiwan   Mickey
  Location : Keelung City 2008-11-05 15:57:28

Living, Teaching, and Scuba Diving in Taiwan

A cram school located in Keelung city is looking for either a full time or Part time teacher.  The school is located near by the Ocean University in Keelung which is within 5 minutes away from the ocean.  Keelung is a great city for scuba diving or surfing and itíŽs only 30 minutes away from Taipei city or 45 minutes away from Yilan city.  The working hours is from Monday through Friday, 0900~1800 for full time and 0900~1200 for part time teachers.  If you love the smell of the ocean, this is the perfect position for you!

Type of School: cram school
Salary: NT$30,000 (Part-time) NT$60,000 (Full-time)

Health insurance: partial

Local information:,,

You can visit our website at for more
DoníŽt know if you qualified to teach in Taiwan? DoníŽt know what
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question! Hours are available in TaiwaníŽs time from 0900~1730.
Other hours maybe arrange by appointments.
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You can also join us at yahoo group and
These two group will keep you updated about the position we have now and the information you need about living in Taiwan!

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