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  Teacher needed in Changhua County   Ed Carriere
  Location : All 2008-08-27 13:17:13

Description of School:
We are a bushiban that has been operating since 1994 teaching students from grade 3 elementary to adult conversation classes. The school is located in Sioushuei Township next to the Mashin Elementary school. We are 10 minutes by scooter from Changhua City in the direction of Lugang.

We do not restrict your free time activities or if you want to do private tutoring as long as it does not interfere with our class schedules.

Our school teaches elementary students the HipHipHooray bookset while junior high book are selected from the local school curriculum. The GEPT classes use book selected by Mrs. Wu while the conversation classes use Side by Side. (The conversation classes can use other materials depending on your suggestions.) Our classes have less than 18 students in each class. Once the classes reach as certain size, we break up the class to make it more manageable.

Teacher Information

Number of foreign teachers at school: 1 (Ed)

What does the school provide it's foreign teaching staff?
Airport Pickup: Yes
Free Accommodation: Yes, but the teacher pays for the utilities they use.
Transportation: The use of a scooter is free.
Orientation: Yes
Ongoing Training: Yes
Curriculum / Texts: Yes
Vacation Time: There is no work during national holidays.

Pay rate per month:
Number of hours per week: 15 ~ 20 hours per week.
Salary: Negotiable
Working times (From what time till what time):
Work times are Monday to Friday afternoons with one or two evenings per week for conversational English or GEPT classes.

Any further comments:
Being in the countryside, we have many places to explore in your offtime and the air quality is a lot cleaner than in the big cities. The are many local amenities nearby so you do not have to go far to get things.

We hope to her from you soon!

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