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Although hotels, motels, guesthouses and youth-hostels are found across the island, as with other businesses, certain types of accommodation tend to gather in certain areas. Taichung has the greatest variety of motels with excellent facilities and incredible rooms. The coastal area of Ilan feature various guesthouses and a little further North, in a tiny town called Jiaoxi, the streets are lit up with hot spring hotels. Taipei city hosts the greatest number of hotels, be it budget or luxury, while youth hostels abide peacefully in the lanes and alleys of this bustling city.
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icon Taipei Hostel
  By Tom   2007-11-07 11:50:54   Location: Taipei City  
icon Happy Family Hostel
  By Tom   2007-11-07 10:47:01   Location: Taipei City  
icon Fortuna Hostel
  By Tom   2007-11-07 10:42:03   Location: Taipei City  
icon Asia World Youth Hostel
  By Tom   2007-11-07 10:41:16   Location: Taipei City  
icon Hotels in Taiwan Online Reservations
  By Tom   2007-11-07 10:34:15   Location: All  
icon Cross Island Hotels
  By Tom   2007-11-07 10:31:01   Location: All  
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