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Eating is often a big problem for foreigners in Taiwan . It takes time for us to stomach the oily vegetables and we can't easily get used to the watery soups. It's hard to find a good sandwich in town, the fried rice stand only opens at night and the breakfast shop closes at noon. You can only live on pizza and fast food for a few weeks and after you have eaten every single Seven- Eleven meal it's time to turn to the supermarkets. Just get over the fact that you have to wash dishes and start cooking for yourself. Supermarkets stock most of the things you would need to keep the skin on your bones. Cake mixes, cereals, sausages and cheese, potatoes, carrots, curry, tuna and mayonnaise is readily available in all supermarkets. The Welcome Mart chain stores stay open 24 hours and should be efficient for your average grocery shopping necessities. Supermarkets in Department stores tend to stock a greater variety of western products. Salmon, steaks, cottage cheese and a good selection of sauces among other things are available. Carefour, Tesco and Geant are the leading supermarket chain stores. If you really miss home, give your family a call and make your way to either Costco or 101's supermarket. A walk in either one of these supermarkets should make you feel noticibly closer to home. If fresh mozarella, tortillas, muffins and chealsy buns don't do the trick your seeing favorite brands from back home would surely make you smile. And once you feel better you can again venture over to the Thai stir fry sauce sections or Indian curry collections. Whatever you're looking for that you can't find anywhere else you'll find it here, and if you don't you'll find something better.
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