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It is no way to say you have been to Taiwan if you never try these tasty specialties. Share your experiences here, show me your Taiwan. Let's go!
icon Food in Taoyuan
  By Cindy   2008-05-26 10:12:33   Location: Taoyuan  
icon Taoyuan Shimem Jumping Fish Carnival
  By Cindy   2008-05-23 17:28:37   Location: Taoyuan  
icon Intestine Vermicelli
  By Tom   2007-11-09 11:57:48   Location: Taipei City  
icon Tamshui Ah Gei
  By Tom   2007-11-09 11:41:51   Location: Taipei  
icon MeatBall Dumplings
  By Tom   2007-11-09 11:33:55   Location: All  
icon Stinky Doufu
  By Tom   2007-11-09 11:28:15   Location: All  
icon Oyster
  By Tom   2007-11-09 11:13:56   Location: All  
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