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Look for this sign: and ask a Chinese friend to help you call and ask about the place. If you feel bad asking your Chinese aquaintences for help again, contact the letsgo team and we'll see what we can do to help.

House agents are easy to find and they will usually have at least one person who can speak enough English to help you out. Good luck!

Please share your experience in renting apartment with us. Lets live and enjoy in Taiwan..

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icon Single Unit for rent
  By leslie   2019-08-22 05:00:14   Location: Taipei City  
icon 3bedroom,mrt,station,great location,beautyhouse
  By Peter   2017-02-09 00:05:27   Location: Kaohsiung City  
icon The apartment for rent near NTNU & NTU
  By Hsu chien cheng   2015-07-08 15:16:14   Location: Taipei  
icon Apartment for rent near NTNU & Tai Power Building MRT station
  By Hsu chien cheng   2015-07-08 14:48:48   Location: All  
icon 1 minute to Shandao Temple Station MRT, High class, High security elevator building.
  By JY   2015-04-07 21:02:45   Location: Taipei  
icon A Single room for rent near Tai-power Building MRT
  By li.xiang   2014-09-29 13:31:07   Location: All  
icon Elegant double bed room for rent near Tai-power Building MRT
  By li.xiang   2014-09-26 15:04:11   Location: All  
icon Classic double room near Shida (NTNU)
  By li.xiang   2014-09-22 13:04:27   Location: Taipei City  
icon Spacious House in Banqiao (10min on foot to Fuzhong Station)
  By YC   2014-07-24 00:50:33   Location: Taipei City  
icon searching for roommate ( near Jingan station )
  By Mavis   2014-04-27 20:26:32   Location: Taipei City  
icon 3 Rooms+parking
  By swan   2014-02-17 15:17:20   Location: Kaohsiung  
icon 1 min. to Yongan Market MRT, 5 min. to Gu-Ting MRT, Supermarket, Park, National Library ..Easy life
  By olifa   2012-11-16 11:48:57   Location: Taipei City  
icon Look for room-mate
  By Jane   2012-07-28 17:51:55   Location: All  
icon NTU&NTNU SUITE in Da-an district
  By kiki   2012-06-12 19:39:50   Location: Taipei City  
icon walking distance to NTU and NTNU
  By kiki   2012-06-04 02:56:05   Location: Taipei City  
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