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Taiwanese children grow up watching programs with monks doing Kung Fu, Japanese ninjas running on the roofs and thousands of Bruce Lee look-a-likes doing their thing. Coming to Taiwan can give you a chance to practice or just observe various kinds of martial arts. In the mornings the elderly make their way to the parks to find their ancient roots. They mostly practice Tai Qi, known as the softest branch of martial arts. But this by no means excuses it for the weakest. Just watch the brilliant ¡§Shoaling Soccer' DVD (if you can find one with English subtitles) and you'll know what I'm talking about.
Other forms such as Qi Gong which focuses on the use of breath as a source of power is also common in Taiwan . Tai Kuan Doe is also widely practiced and it's possible for foreigners to attend classes, although this is best arranged through an acquaintance.
icon Martial Arts in Southern Area
  By Tom   2007-11-09 16:28:45   Location: Kaohsiung City  
icon Martial Arts in Central Area
  By Tom   2007-11-09 16:26:04   Location: Taichung City  
icon Martial Arts in Northern Area
  By Tom   2007-11-09 16:21:00   Location: Taipei City  
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