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Although going to the gym is not as popular in Taiwan as in Western countries. Gyms are available. Taipei, Taichung and Kaoshiung all have branches of California fitness. California fitness is a big health club company offering everything from body analysis and personal trainers to the average aerobic and dance classes.
If you live in the smaller cities a common place to start looking for a gym is at a department store. Many department stores have expensive clubs that one can join. They offer swimming pools, fitness facilities, cooking and art classes, spas and a whole lot of other interesting things to do. They usually expect you to purchase a one-year membership.
The above mentioned is well worth the money if you attend on a regular basis, but for the average couch potato who just wants to shed a few pounds now and then, the prices may be a little steep. Try to find a smaller gym. They may not have all the extra activities but their running machines and weight training areas will do the thing. You can expect to buy a membership for anything from a month up to a year. Many of them, especially dancing schools that offer yoga and aerobic classes give you the option of buying tickets. This is great for those who can't make it to class three times a week.
icon MAX
  By Tom   2007-11-09 15:50:56   Location: Tainan City  
icon Muscle Asia Gym
  By Tom   2007-11-09 15:44:46   Location: Kaohsiung City  
icon Sunny Gym
  By Tom   2007-11-09 15:43:12   Location: Taichung City  
icon Pei-li-ya Center
  By Tom   2007-11-09 15:41:45   Location: Taichung City  
icon Global Village
  By Tom   2007-11-09 15:37:32   Location: Taichung City  
icon DNA Sports Health Center
  By Tom   2007-11-09 15:30:05   Location: Taichung City  
icon California Fitness
  By Tom   2007-11-09 15:18:06   Location: All  
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