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In Buddhist culture meditation takes a prime seat. The art of slowing down in order to observe ourselves has great emotional and physical benefits. In today's noisy and overly busy societies the need for activities which bring calm and quiet becomes ever more attractive and almost necessary. Buddhism as one of Taiwan's main religions provides ample opportunities for Chinese and foreigners alike to practice various kinds of meditation. Whether you feel like escaping to a peaceful mountain retreat for a week or two or just want to learn more about this fascinating topic, Taiwan is a great place to explore eastern philosophy. Buddhist temples are all around and you will often see monks walking the streets.
Taiwan 's leading Buddhist society is called Tzu Chi. They conduct various benevolent activities not only around the island but also across the world. It's easy to join their voluntary efforts or even just make a donation.

Taiwan also offers Vipassana meditation retreats.

There are some Tibetan Buddhist sects in Taiwan. You can easily spot the monks from these sects. They wear yellow and maroon robes opposed to the grey robes of the Chinese Buddhist monks.

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