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One advantage of living in a city is the museums. But who ever goes to a museum? Once you check out this list you are sure to discover that there are museums to cater for anyone's interests and you need not only visit a museum after a recent break up, when you wish to get out without bumping into your ex. Be it science, art, history or just the need to see and do something new on the weekends this list is sure to get you to the right place easily.
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icon Postal Museum
  By Cindy   2008-05-26 18:07:22   Location: Taipei City  
icon MUSIC 4 Fun
  By Cindy   2008-05-26 15:08:19   Location: Taoyuan  
icon Meihua Elementary School - Whipping Top Museum
  By Cindy   2008-05-26 10:58:20   Location: Taoyuan  
icon Coca-Cola Museum
  By Cindy   2008-05-26 11:57:04   Location: Taoyuan  
icon China's Furniture Museum
  By Cindy   2008-05-26 11:56:38   Location: Taoyuan  
icon World Police Museum
  By Cindy   2008-05-26 11:53:19   Location: Taoyuan  
icon Chung Cheng Aviation Museum
  By Cindy   2008-05-26 11:47:58   Location: Taoyuan  
icon Hey-Song
  By Cindy   2008-05-26 11:35:42   Location: Taoyuan  
icon Chan Liu Art Museum
  By Cindy   2008-05-26 11:32:11   Location: Taoyuan  
icon Formosa Plastics Group Museum
  By Cindy   2008-05-26 11:25:12   Location: Taoyuan  
icon Travel to the Recall Ancient History
  By Cindy   2008-05-26 10:30:54   Location: Taoyuan  
icon The Taoyuai Oceanarium in Taiwan
  By Cindy   2008-05-23 17:22:03   Location: Taoyuan  
icon National Palace museum
  By Tom   2007-11-08 11:32:53   Location: Taipei City  
icon National Museum of Prehistory
  By Tom   2007-11-08 11:22:12   Location: Pingtung  
icon National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium
  By Tom   2007-11-08 10:54:29   Location: Pingtung  
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