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Have you ever heard of Taiwan?
Do you have any idea about Taiwan before you come here?
Is it different as what you expect?
What do you usually do on weekend?
Where do you usually go for daily use things?
Do you have any tips for other foreigners about living in Taiwan?

Once I asked some foreign people the questions above; however, as a local host, the answers embarrassed me a lot.

Taiwan is a friendly, vibrant, and convenient island full of culture and natural resources. Although our govornment did so much on Taiwan propaganda, there are few people around the world know about her.
Moreover, even for a foreigner living in Taiwan for several years, she or he still don't know how to get involved in the living environment here.

At this point, Letsgo.net.tw is forming, and aims at making life smoother & easier for foreigners. - Living & Enjoying in Taiwan

To reach this goal, your sharing experience is very appreciated.
Let's go together to make Taiwan an international community.

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